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About Us

Old German Clay PipesFive generations back all started......based on the excellent white clay in our home region and theknowledge of hundreds of years of pottery tradition.The "Kannenbäckerland" is still today a hotspot of ceramic industries and traditional pottery.Sitting in an old workshop, working with molds that are 100-200 years old, knowing that generations before were using the same molds and tools, makes us proud to be the last clay-pipe-makers in business.Handmade Clay Pipes in various styles, white and black, were the first-day smoking tools of the Old World. They give Pipe Smokers a choice for anexcellent experience of pure flavor and cool smoke.Find out the mystery of smoking a Clay Pipe.Markus Fohr

Tobacco Blender Jim said:Smoked the first Clay Pipe in my life. Could not believe that I found different flavors in my tobacco I did not know of.Will be an essential tool for my work in future.

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